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misc software

Bits and bats, odds and ends, leftovers and other stuff.


A tiny script to control the symon monitoring application. It lets you start and stop the symon and symux daemons from one central script.

OpenBSD developers ask that when you've setup a new system you email them a dmesg, to help them out. If you can't quite work out how to to this, here's a small script to do it for you

rrdtool scripts

rrdtool is a cracking tool for keeping round-robin datasets. I personally use it for keeping track of protocol usage, system load, memory usage, network usages, spam throughput and a host of other things.

To use it you create the RRD database, then you use rrdtool to push data into it. My source of data was the various log files produced by my system, and I created a bunch of scripts to process them into a format that rrdtool can use. Each package has one script to create the necessary RRD files and one for processing the logs, best run from a cron job.

Whilst they may not work first time they do provide a good starting point if you want to develop your own versions. Some of them have built-in caching, some require write access to certain folders. Have a play, see how you go.