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in-house software


Tired of getting blog-spam, comment-spam, forum-spam, spam-spam or just spam in general? Have you heard of the Akismet service? It uses really complicated wheels, marbles and pasta to scan through comments posted on your blog and tell you if they're spam or not.

MicroAkismet offers a compact and straightforward set of functions for using the Akismet service. It can be integrated into any PHP based software or can be used as a good starting point for developing your own Akismet-based solutions.

MicroAkismet homepage


Image gallery scripts are notorious for being bloated, having a thousand dependancies, being tied to databases, having tons of files and security holes, or just being plain clunky. MicroAlbum aims to do away with all that.

The software is one single script, and just requires the GD library in PHP to do it's automatic thumbnailing. To create new albums you just create a folder with the name of the album and upload the images you want into it. The software does the rest (thumbnails, previews, comments, image tracking, the lot).

It takes about 30 seconds to install and configure, and it's totally free (BSD licensed).

MicroAlbum homepage