What do we do?

Previous clients

  • PRS
  • England
  • AXA
  • iNet

This list will be fleshed out as the profiles become available.

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If you're interested

At we have quite a broad range of experience, covering some of the following technologies:

Network Technologies

VPN's Firewalls Wireless Networking Spam Filtering Virus Filtering SMTP Email DNS RDBMS FTP POP3 IMAP HTTP/HTTPS SSH/SSL TCP/IP OpenGL UPS systems 10/100Mbit Ethernet Routers SMS Messaging CMS UI Design Carpentry


Apache MS IIS MySQL Postgres MS SQL Server sendmail postfix qmail SpamAssassin QmailScanner djbdns BIND cron OpenSSH OpenSSL kannel gnokii Flash MX BSD Ports


Perl php XML HTML XHTML CSS JavaScript C++ ActionScript SQL Prolog Shell Scripting make French

Operating Systems

MacOS MacOS X Win 98/2000/XP/NT OpenBSD FreeBSD Unix Linux (Debian SuSE)