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a dice game of skill and chance in equal measures

In this addictive game of paper, dice and chance your aim is to be the first player to score more than 10000 points. You score points by rolling the dice and taking points from the dice you just rolled. You can choose to bank those points or keep on rolling to get a better score, but if you roll no scoring dice then you zilch, losing the points you could have banked.

There are a number of dice that will score you points and various ways to get there but in the end it's up to you.

This game seemingly divides players, they either love it or hate it. People that tend to like it are compassionate, witty, intelligent people with great prospects and a good complexion. People who hate it don't seem to understand that banking 300 points is better than banking no points* and you can click on the dice themselves, rather than just the scoring options.

* And that the dice are all random!

This game was built in AS3.0 using TextMate, Flex 3.1 and FlashDevelop. Some of the assets were created in Fireworks and Flash CS3 but it was mostly built on OSX.

The game has a few nice features:

  • Three levels of CPU difficulty
  • Two player mode
  • Built-in tutorial
  • 120 in-game awards

Upcoming features will include:

  • Online two player mode
  • Multiple languages
  • Built-in cheats
  • Variable game types

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