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This is the home of Gaby Vanhegan, founder, CEO and Chief Scientician of We like doing interesting things, thing that have buzzwords for names, like AJAX, RSS feeds, tagging, social networking, interactive games, the whole shooting match.

show me things! is the parent site for, a site devoted to intellectual or entertaining pursuits.

We build games that are fun, we build games that can be hard work and we build games that are actually good for you.


Protect your base from the incoming attackers. Use lasers, rockets, cannons, mines, nukes and more to keep them at bay!

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Now what?

We've got experience in a wide range of internet technologies ranging from the ground up stuff like hardware, operating systems, networking, web servers, DNS and hosting, mid-layer technologies like databases, email, SQL, PHP, HTML and CSS, and top layer tools like AJAX, Flash, JSON and much, much more.

If you've got a problem, and you know how to use a browser, maybe you can find the G-Team*

*By G-Team we actually mean Gaby.